It feels like it’s forever, but Fantastic Beasts: the secrets of Dumbledore, also known as the third movie of the new franchise (and also called Fantastic Beasts 3), is finally releasing trailers and getting ready for its big ride. While we have already seen (and heard) a little bit about what awaits us with the trailer “the Secrets of Dumbledore”, we have also learned a little more from Jacobs actor Dan Fogler about the new film. He does not publish any important information – no one condemns him for being here Tom Holland with spoilers – but he shared details that prompted me to the upcoming release of the film, especially given the development of the second film.

For me, one of the most convincing arcs in the films Fantastic Beasts is the story of Jacob and Queenie, who fought against forbidden love, since he is a muggle and she is a pure-blooded witch. It is also a theme from the Harry Potter era, but we see how mature it is played with bad consequences in these films. Another thing that is great, but much more in the first fantastic Animal movie, is simply Jacob, starring in the wizarding world. After what he said about this hashtag show in an interview, this time Jacob will pick up on some of the things that made the first movie so funny.

This is good news, because the kind of narrative that we had with Jacob, Queenie and Newt in the first film worked much better than what followed. Just look at the trajectory of both films: the first film in the Fantastic Beasts series and Where to find them was very popular. It has earned over $1 million worldwide and accounts for 74% of the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. After that, Grindelwald’s crime-which is much more serious and complicated with its plot and introduces more Harry Potter lore-brought in only millions at the box office, turning into a ridiculous 36% Rotten tomatoes (even his audience rating is a splat).

To be clear, this is the lowest score of all the films in the franchise, including the films Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast. I think when they hear the third movie, they try to go back to their roots and focus more on Jacob and Co. can only mean positive things.

Dan Fogler also spoke emotionally about the making of the third film during this hashtag show. Again, he can’t go into detail here, but he says it’s “some people’s favorite” among the three fantastic animal movies that have been shot so far.

Although some people disagree, for me there is every reason to hope that Dumbledore’s secrets are good and the franchise will again become huge at the box office, although it is true that a certain fraction of people loves this film positive reviews. You have to wait and see. A couple of trailers are far from an hour-long full-length movie, but at this stage there is not so much time left to wait for everything. The movie is scheduled to be released on April 15th, so get your wands ready.

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