Five reasons why your dog smells bad and how you can help

Dogs are famous for their bad breath and “Frito feet”, but sometimes Fido stinks seriously. Foul odors can be a symptom of a serious health problem, so it is important to research what causes them. Here are some reasons why your companion may smell bad and how to fix it:

1. smelly skin: Brushing your dog can help remove dead skin, dirt and other smelly materials from his coat. Do this regularly and make sure to keep your pet’s bedding clean to also eliminate unpleasant odors from their skin. However, if you groom and bathe your pet regularly and his coat still stinks, he may suffer from seasonal or food allergies that can lead to inflammation of the skin. Improper feeding can cause smelly skin, so be sure to feed your pet with a high-quality diet.

2. bad breath: Unpleasant breath is usually caused by the accumulation of bacteria in your pet’s mouth. Although regular brushing can help eliminate the dog’s breath caused by the accumulation of tartar, sometimes your companion suffers from a more serious dental infection that requires veterinary care, such as pulling an infected tooth. In less common cases, bad breath can also be a symptom of an infection of your pet’s kidneys, liver or other organs. If Fido’s breathing stinks a lot and persists, take him to the vet to diagnose the problem.

3. bad gas: Occasional gas is normal for dogs, but excessive bloating can be a sign that something is wrong. Your dog may simply need a different diet or a more serious health problem, such as an inflamed bowel health problem. Whatever the cause, your veterinarian can help you identify the reason for your companion’s exceptionally bad gas.

4.ear infections: Bacteria and yeasts develop in the skin folds around the ears of dogs, which can cause a bad smell. Clean your companion’s ears regularly to avoid infections, especially if it is a breed with soft ears. If your pet already has a serious ear infection, take him to the vet to treat the problem.

5. anal pouch: smelly secretions from Fido’s back are one of the most common causes of bad odor. All dogs have scent glands on their hind legs that they use to mark. Touching these anal sacs not only creates a bad smell, but can be painful for your pet. If your dog has an exceptionally bad odor or slips on the floor, it’s time to consult your veterinarian to see if this is due to the affected anal glands and ask for help to alleviate the problem.

Although dogs sometimes feel like they are rolling around in something rotten, some smells are a symptom of a serious health problem. Understanding bad odors from your ears, mouth or other body part can help you identify health problems at an early stage and treat them with your veterinarian.

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