We know that if Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds do practically anything, the other one will be there to comment. Although the ongoing “argument” is nothing more than good-natured clashes, it will probably never end and will not slow down even now. Hugh Jackman appeared at the premiere of Ryan Reynolds’ new Film and lamented that he had to take a picture with Reynolds and not with Jennifer Garner from the Adam project.

Hugh Jackman recently attended the premiere of The Adam Project, the new Netflix movie starring Ryan Reynolds as a time traveler visiting his younger self. He posted a photo from the occasion on Instagram where he says he wanted to take a photo with Jennifer Garner, who plays Reynolds’ mother, me. Instead, he stayed with Reynolds and his own Real Steel director, Shawn Levy.

Of the various digs that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds get, this is one of the most tame. But at this point, they’re basically expecting something like this from you. If the two actors had a photo together and were just nice to each other, something would feel terribly wrong. If you ever get into an argument, we can tell when you stop offending each other.

This Moment follows Hugh Jackman’s recent opening project. The actor is starring on Broadway in a revival of The Music Man. There, too, the fight between the two continued. Jackman perceived a billboard for a Ryan Reynolds Movie near his show as a personal affront. When the show opened, Ryan Reynolds sent a photo of himself to his boyfriend.

Jennifer Garner still has to react to be thrown in the middle of this little action. Innocent viewers are often there when Reynolds and Jackman try. The actor’s mothers have been part of various strikes from one to the other, and Blake Lively, Reynolds’ wife, is certainly no stranger to madness.

The truth, of course, is that Hugh Jackman loves Ryan Reynolds. The two actors have used their feud several times forever to raise money for charity or simply to draw attention to good causes. And Reynolds admitted that the truth is that Hugh Jackman is just the nicest guy.

Jackman has worked with Shawn Levy before and may do so in the future, because it is not out of the question that these two will work together again on a sequel to Real Steel. Maybe there is a way to see the three men in this photo working on something together. It was almost supposed to be a big movie. And maybe Levy is the man who can keep the peace between these two.

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