The horror genre has been the home of several filmmakers for the first time, usually because no matter what kind of story you want to tell (the suburban bigotry in Jordan Peele’s Get Out, the panic of isolation in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead), you can find a portal through fear. Iris Shim knew that her first script would be a genre exercise. What she did not expect was that the upcoming horror drama Umma would delve so deeply into her personal experiences in a mother-daughter relationship, which also analyzed the situation of Korean-American families.

It is released in cinemas in March and is distributed by Sony Pictures Enjoyment. In the film, Sandra Oh from finishing Eve (pictured above) plays a protective mother who lives on a rural farm with her daughter and has to adjust her lifestyle when the ashes of her recently expired mother are delivered to her home. The title has a special meaning for Iris Shim, who, according to a script she wrote for two years, is making her feature film debut. As she told CinemaBlend In an exclusive interview:

I don’t know if the mom in this movie is the one you want to date. As you can see in the new Umma trailer that has fallen, Sandra OH’s character behaves differently as soon as her mother’s remains arrive at the farm. What will be the explanation for this behavior?

Sony has also provided us with this exclusive image that shows striking masks that present a new face of fear to the audience. When we asked Iris Shim about the importance of masks for her relationship with Umma, she took her writings back to her childhood and explained:

I know that these masks will be bad news for umma’s characters, but we have to wait until the 18th Umma will be directed by Iris Shim, produced by Sam Raimi (who was a good choice to direct Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness) and is one of the next movie releases in 2022, especially a lot of upcoming horror movies that you must have on your radar.

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