Star Trek is a franchise that has been entertaining Fans on television and in the cinema for decades. The company last appeared on the big screen with the Franchise starring Chris Pine. Now comes a fourth Film, and Uhura actress Zoe Saldana explains “bittersweet” feelings about returning without post-actor Anton Yelchin.

Actor Anton Yelchin starred in all three Star Trek films as Chekov and was a real stage hero during his run. He tragically died in 2016 after a sudden disaster before the release of Beyond. The recently announced sequel will be the first episode without Yelchin, and Zoe Saldana spoke about this change saying:

You have it. It seems that the Star Trek cast has mixed feelings about the filming of the fourth Secret film. Indeed, although they are all happy to plunge back into the world of Science Fiction, there will be a notable absence in the form of Anton Yelchin. We just have to see how the story continues without The expired actor.

Zoe Saldana’s comments on Enjoyment Tonight come from the red carpet of her new film, The Adam Project, opposite Ryan Reynolds. Not much is known about the new Star Trek Movie, as it was recently announced that it is in active development. And even if Anton Yelchin died years ago, Smart Money says that he will still have a strong presence on the set of the next blockbuster.

As mentioned earlier, Anton Yelchin tragically passed away in 2016 while still playing in the middle of the Star Trek Franchise. In what has been described as a “freak accident,” he was restrained between his Jeep Cherokee and his house after driving down the steep driveway. Yelchin was only 27 years old at the time of his death, which only worsens the catastrophe.

In her comments, Zoe Saldana praises Anton Yelchin’s acting profession, as well as his enthusiasm for everything related to Star Trek. This enthusiasm probably helped to bring Chekhov’s nervous energy to life, which led to some deliveries of the a+ line, as well as the chewing of the set. We just have to see exactly how the upcoming sequel explains the absence of this beloved crew member.

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