How to stop a dog from eating cat shit

Dogs are scavengers by nature, and for their canine companion, cat feces are just another food. To curb this bad habit, remove easy access to the litter box and offer acceptable alternatives, such as chewing toys with healthy snacks.

For dogs, cat feces are an acceptable source of protein-rich food. Formally known as coprophagy, your pet’s habit of eating feces is natural for him, even if it upsets you. Many puppies learn this habit from their mothers, who sometimes take their puppies’ feces for a living. Although most animals go beyond this exploratory behavior, some die by developing the habit of eating snacks from the litter box, which can be difficult to break. Dying can lead to potentially negative consequences for your pet’s health, including ingestion of harmful bacteria and parasites. Some of them, such as salmonella, can also be transmitted to humans, your dog’s litter habit was more worrying.

To prevent Fido from enjoying the litter box, you can simply place it out of your reach. Baby doors can keep stray dogs away from certain rooms, while cats have their own room. If dying in your house is not a viable option, you can buy a litter box with a lid to keep your dog away, or a “dog-safe” litter box that makes it difficult to access. Clean the litter box as often as possible to prevent your dog from visiting it, or invest in a self-cleaning model. Switching to Crystal cat litter can also help by reducing the odor, which can lead Fido to the cause of the problem.

Sometimes your dog will find cat feces outside, where you have less control over the situation. In this matter, watch for breaks in your pet’s bathroom in the garden, keep him on a leash and say ” No!”and take him with you. Reward him with a treat immediately after he leaves. You can also try to call your dog after he finishes his business, ask him to sit down and offer a reward. This will serve as a distraction from the cat litter in the garden and teach your dog that returning to you will lead to a tasty and acceptable treat. You can also offer your dog an alternative, such as a kong stuffed with peanut butter, to limit his interest in less suitable snacks.

Although coprophagy is a natural habit, it can lead to possible health problems for your pet, not to mention his tingling. By removing the litter box from the litter box and preventing your dog from nibbling cat litter in the garden, you can help him unlearn his bad habit and reduce potential health problems.

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